Meet Hillary Yeager


meet the team


Kristin is our in-house graphic guru – spending her days making and thinking creatively about all things in the printed and virtual world.  She’s the crafty creative that spends her time thinking about how to make the most amazing fantasies realities, and she’s pretty darn amazing. Kristin has a backrgound in art and graphic design, so she’s on the front lines of all of our paper projects here at Brocade– but not only that, she’s the queen of shabby chic and is owner and lead creative at Paint it White Crafts.  She’s wife to Mike and mommy to Maple, and is a Nashville native and a key part of everything cool we do!



Ronelle is our crazy awesome structural engineering queen. Whenever {Hillary} comes up with something insane, she is the person to take it from crazy to reality. The lady is well experienced with over ten years in the biz. Her first job working with flowers was in her hometown flower shop in West Virginia when she was a mere 21 years old.  After taking a little time off to build her family, she brought her skills to Nashvegas where she continued to learn the fine craft of cultivating beautiful blossoms, bending them to her will with sheer creative force. Ronelle is our nurturer, our purveyor and provider of chocolate when we work long hours well into the night.  She is one of the most talented ladies you’ll ever meet. As the mother of two boys, Brocade is the only place she can get her girlie on— so she spends a lot of time in the trenches, making pretty wherever (and whenever) she can.



Hillary is the company COA… Creator of Awesome. She has a background in graphic design, which is how she started working in the creative kitchen in the first place, making things pretty out of thin air.  From childhood, she had a few hard-core loves: weddings (starting with Barbie and Ken), flowers (she grew up in a house filled with them daily, and always wanted to decode their mystery) and pretty things (a true girlie girl at heart). It took a few years, including grad school for English, writing content for a few books, and teaching freshman college english until she finally admitted that floral event design was her true calling. From the first day that she waltzed into a wedding, working the behind the scenes, she knew that she had found her magical dream job: making things gorgeous. When she’s not off designing something awe-inspiring and incredible, she spends time at home with her husband, Don, and their sweet baby girl, Emmaline. They love to travel and are currently renovating their 1930s tudor in East Nashville.