An easy and pretty centerpiece for your Thanksgiving involves seasonal (gourds) and transitional (candles) items so that you can decorate with ease!

When decorating with gourds, a good rule of thumb is to start with measuring your table width and length so you know how much space that you have to play with. If you are doing a runner, it’s a good idea to keep everything within 1 inch margins on either side. If you are not doing a runner, divide your table into thirds, and then with the center panel, take 1.5 inches from either side to give you enough room to have space for your salt and pepper, butter, etc. If you plan to have a full table (with dishes to be passed) then it’s an even better idea to just do the “center” of your table.

When choosing gourds, a great place to visit is your local Farmer’s Market or your local grocery store. Look for gourds that feel solid, with no perforations, bruises, or signs of mold or fungal growth.

Try to keep size in mind: gourds should be no larger than a “pie” pumpkin– you do not want to obstruct the view of your guests or run into an issue with too-large gourds that won’t work with the proportion of your tabletop.

Pair your gourds with a selection of different heights of pillar candles. If you have a smaller table, consider a beautiful bowl filled with gourds. Add texture with fresh-picked fall leaves from outside, or select a beautiful fall array from Michael’s or your favorite local craft store.

For a modern look, try pairing rustic touches (wood candelholders or wood pieces) with pine cones and white pumpkins:

Another beautiful concept is these white pumpkins wrapped in bittersweet with low votive candles:

For these and other fun Thanksgiving tablescapes, check out our Thanksgiving Pin Board on Pinterest! 

This month’s pin board is filled with Fun things that are all about celebrating Thanskgiving. I love this special holiday because it gives us a chance to give and receive thanks for all the amazing things in our lives. It’s an opportunity to slow down and take in each and every sweet moment of the past year and beyond to reflect and to say to those we love, “thank you for being a part of my life.”

This pinboard is filled with fun ideas, from keepsakes, tablesettings, and recipes. What’s more, I plan to celebrate Thanksgiving on the blog over the next 10 days with a tip, trick, or fun idea each day– for making your holiday shine.

So, let’s kick off the ten days of Thanksgiving with this fun and inspired pinboard : Giving Thanks