I love the idea of an outdoor Thanksgiving. In Nashville, we’re expecting a 60 degree day, and if the weather holds I plan to recreate this styled shoot in our own backyard. I think that pairing up the outdoors with a cozy fire pit, a well stocked beverage table, and good friends and great food says “Thanksgiving” to me.

This shoot is all about the unexpected– I wanted to play with different color tones and elements of design that were not traditionally “Thanksgiving” per se– so I mixed bold color (Coral, vivid yellows) with greens and oranges as a primary palette, bringing in wood tones, rich teal, and metallic bronze.

Most of these items are from my own home– I challenge you to find items that you can happily blend together for harmonious decor for you table. I have the luck and good fortune that Elizabeth from Stockroom Vintage is a only a few miles down the road, so I used a few pieces from her collection:  the beautiful aqua shutters, old ladder stand, vintage clocks, garden trellis, cake stand, gray topped wood table and vintage medicine chest are all pieces from her collection. I augmented our beverage table with my own Nesbitt’s thermometer and ancient yellow radio, oversized mason jars, and candles for flair– as well as some very special bourbons. All the beautiful photography was by my oh-so-talented husband, Don Yeager of Donald Yeager Photography

The bar menu I displayed with clocks from Stockroom Vintage set to 5 o’clock–

An easy tip for adding pizzazz to pillars: Baker’s Twine! Every well stocked beverage table should offer non-alcholic options (I opted for Brooklyn’s orange).

My husband is quite the bourbon fan– and every fall the Antique Collection hits the streets– his favorite? The George T. Stagg. So, obviously that has to appear on our holiday table :) We also picked a great bourbon– the Belle Meade Bourbon– to make cocktails with, and a bottle of delicious red to pair with our meal.

Love those ball jars, don’t you?

The paper goods I designed were all contemporary-modern in navy and teal, with clean, block lettering.  Each place-setting is suspended by a colored glass ball,  and I just loved this Old Time Pottery find of Turkey salt and pepper shakers– too cute :D

The table centerpieces were enclosed in cream colored ceramic enhanced with rustic bind wire, green hydrangea, Quicksand Roses, dusty miller, hypericum, coral charm peonies, yellow calla lilies, white dahlia and free spirit roses for a mix of color and texture.

The shot above I love– the light was just perfect!

It was a beautiful afternoon and a lovely shoot, and I was so happy with how all the details came together. I hope that it inspires you to try something unexpected and fun for your holiday table this Thursday!

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It’s less than 7 days til’ Turkey day and it’s time to finalize your menu for this day of delicious treats. Depending on if you are hosting for 20 or for 2, it’s a good idea to have a strategic plan for your turkey day— with tasks that will help make your entire day all the better and your celebration the best!

At this time, I spend some time menu planning. Since I start cooking along with the Parade and prefer more of a “lunch” dinner (so that I can snack later, of course)  I try to plan 2 appetizers that can tolerate being out in the household elements and can be easy crowd pleasers. My tip: Come up with something that you can make the night before or get prepared. Easy ideas include a Charcuterie + Cheese board (Charcuterie is an assortment of meats with accompaniments), a delicious dip, or a fruit and vegetable tray.

Remember to label unique meats and cheeses to inform your guests about the delicious options!

When it comes to courses for your menu, if you are the only person cooking, consider things you can prepare or prep in advance. If you’re like me, you spend lots of time pouring over holiday magazines, Pinterest, and cookbooks in advance of Turkey day, but this may not be the best occasion to try a brand new dish. If something seems particularily challenging to me, I’ll do a “dry run” the weekend before, to get down taste, timing, and to determine if I love a dish.

For first courses, think about things you can let slow simmer or piece together the components in advance. Think soups, slow cooker recipes, or a delicious crisp salad. Here’s two ideas I am deliberating for my Thanksgiving table.

{Pear, Blue Cheese, and Walnut Salad with a Maple Vinaigrette}

And this yummy Butternut Bisque Soup:

For the main course, I already ordered my all natural local turkey from Porter Road Butcher  which I had brined to save time. Not only does this add flavor, it reduces cooking time! That means that all I have to figure out is:

Bread: I either hit or miss with rolls. I may try out a few recipes this Sunday — I have my old faithful from a 1955 Woman’s Home Companion cookbook that I may try to make, I will post the recipe on Monday!

For sides, I am thinking of classic sage cornbread stuffing, a green bean dish, and potatoes, of course! Add to it gravy, and you have a lovely meal.

{Cornbread Stuffing} Paula Deen doesn’t steer you wrong

An easy classic is Green Beans almondine

For dessert– well that’s an entirely different post. Check back this weekend for my favorite ideas for the perfect Thanksgiving dessert, and a few ideas for a great cocktail to pair with your feast!