Friends, do you like gorgeous things to decorate your next event, your home, or to just beautify your life in general?

Brocade Designs is closing its floral design studio as we transition to focus on event design and custom stationery. This is such an exciting and wonderful change, and means we need to find homes for some of our beautiful, gently used event inventory. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to find the perfect decor item?

Friends are invited to pre-shop on Wednesday, June 10 from 11-3 by invitation. Schedule your time at

Feel free to visit our studio this Thursday and Friday at 805 Woodland Street, Suite 304 from 9-3 pm to search for your treasures. Take home something amazing! Browse our inventory at our Facebook page at:

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Seven years ago, I started a journey that would have the most amazing impact on my life and who I am as a person. That journey was the decision to throw caution to the wind, to follow my heart and launch a business that would fulfill me in a million ways that I could spend the rest of my days listing. Over the years, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with over 400 brides and with some of the finest professionals in the event industry. I have made lasting friendships with brides, grooms, and vendors. My best friends are those I have worked with, and I’m so lucky to have met them in the course of growing my business. I have the world’s most incredible team composed of my husband,my sister, and my best friends– a real family that has stood beside me for each and every moment. That’s just incredible, you guys. I’m truly the luckiest.

Six months ago, I made the heart wrenching and difficult decision to have this May be Brocade’s final one for wedding flowers. I selected May 23 as our last day, and started to make preparations to close the doors of what to me is the most wonderful place on earth– our incredible studio.Now, I’m not leaving this world entirely– I am still going to be doing custom event design (yay) and offer custom paper services, I’m just saying farewell to the floral side of my business– for now. And because I think it’s important to be always growing, always evolving, and always reaching for the next goal, this spring I embarked upon my PhD program in English. This is always something I planned to go back to, as I have a Masters degree in English, and writing,teaching,and learning is a passion of mine.

Flowers will always hold a huge place in my heart, and for me to say that there’s not a big hole that will be there for a long time– if not forever– would just be untrue. I’m so incredibly grateful for all the amazing support I have received over the years, the incredible friendships, the beautiful brides and their dapper grooms. Marriage is the start of something bigger than ourselves, a commitment to being the best version of ourselves, to loving and being loved– and I’m so blessed that I have spent so many life changing and life enriching moments with the families that invited me into their lives to celebrate their wedding day. Thank you– from the bottom of my heart– thank you. This decision is harder than you know, and I will miss the fervor and beauty of doing the flowers on a wedding day, where everything is about love and endless possibility. My life has been so enriched from every moment, and I will always be thankful for every brilliant and beautiful moment.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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